Spelt and Rye Baguettes

Spelt and Rye Baguettes

Spelt and Rye Baguettes
Another spelt loaf for those of us with slightly difficult digestion...
This is just a very plain but tasty spelt baguette recipe, perfect for slicing up to have with cheese and dips or for using for sandwiches. 

Like all spelt bread, it is easier to digest – the trade off is it does not last as long.  Adding butter to the dough makes it softer and more pliable and generally gives a better loaf.  If you prefer you can add olive oil.

300 grams  white Spelt Flour or wholegrain Spelt Flour
200 grams  wholegrain rye flour
50 grams oat bran
½ teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon quick acting yeast
1 ½  teaspoons honey, golden syrup, maple syrup or treacle, warmed for a few seconds in the microwave for easy pouring
200mls  warm water
100mls full fat milk or buttermilk
2 tablespoons butter
1 tablespoon sesame seeds

Preheat oven to 200°C

Spelt and Rye BaguettesIn a large bowl mix together the flours, bran, salt, and yeast, keeping the salt separate from the yeast until the liquid is added.  Add the water and roughly mix it into the flour.
Add the butter and knead well until it feels smooth and pliable – stretching the dough out in front of you and rolling it back until it is springy and soft.
Once the dough is soft, cover with plastic wrap and leave in a warm place until it doubles in size. (about an hour).
Turn dough out onto an oiled surface and knead the dough firmly for several minutes.

Shape the dough into long thin baguettes and put it onto an oiled baking sheet.
Leave dough to rise for at least 40 minutes in a warm place – spelt dough needs time to really come into its own.  Once fully risen,slash the tops of the loaves, brush the top of the bagettes with a little extra oil, and sprinkle on the sesame seeds then bake in a hot oven for  35-40 minutes.

This bread does need to cool completely before you eat it, sorry.