Spelt Flour Pita Bread

Spelt Flour Pita Bread

For those who are unable to enjoy traditional wheat pita, this is a great stove-top flat bread to make for serving with dips, salsa and barbequed meats.  Spelt flour has lots of nutty flavour, which many other alternatives lack, so this both easy and tasty!   Though spelt is not gluten free, it is a more tolerable option than traditional wheat flour for many wheat intolerant folks.  Please note spelt is not suitable for those with Coeliac Disease - spelt is actually an ancient form of wheat.

This bread tastes brilliant when it is cooked in a wood oven, on the barbeque hotplate or on grills.  Also works well with lentil or chick-pea flour.

1 cup of spelt flour
1 cup Greek yoghurt, at room temperature or zapped in the microwave for 15 seconds
1 teaspoon baking powder
½ teaspoon salt
Pinch of cumin

Mix all the dry ingredients together in a large bowl and mix well.
Make a well in the centre and add the yoghurt, kneading the dough together until it is smooth and springy.
Dive the dough evenly into balls and leave to rest for 5 minutes.
Flatten each ball in the palm of your hand to form a neat flat pita, the larger the thinner as per your preference.
Warm a large frying pan a brush with a little oil or butter.  Bring the heat up and cook each pita on a high heat until it bubbles up slightly and has a good colour on each side.
Serve warm or leave to cool for firmer bread.

If this dough is cooked a little longer then left to cool completely it can be broken up to serve with dips as a substitute for corn chips!