Sea-side Salad

Sea-side Salad

Another meal eaten on holidays, this salad brings the sun with it!


2 Spanish onions, cut into half moons

4 Large, ripe tomatoes, quartered

1 Lebanese cucumber, cut into half moons

2 small radishes, sliced very finely

½ cup black olives

½ cup green olives

Handful of cress

Handful of parsley, finely chopped

10 anchovies

8 capers

Juice and zest of 2 lemons

Olive oil


Pinch of rocksalt


In a mortar and pestle, pound a few peppercorns, capers,pinch of rocksalt, anchovies and lemon zest into a pungent paste, add enough olive oil and lemon juice to balance piquancy and oiliness – to your own taste.

On a long platter pile up the salad ingredients and tumble together gently.

Just before serving drizzle over the dressing and serve with fried whitebait, sardines, grilled prawns or just good bread and red wine.