Olive and Onion Flat Bread

 Oliver and Onion Flatbread
Olive and Onion Flat Bread

This is really a vegan pizza - when I was a proper vegetarian I used to make this in place of a regular pizza.  It is so tasty you don't notice there is no cheese until you have finished it!

Soft and fluffy like foccaccia, this is just a bit thinner.  This recipe make a couple of medium sized breads or one lovely big generous tray – great for parties, Friday dinners and barbeques.  The dough can also be shaped as smaller rolls for lunches.  The addition of wholemeal flour really does make a difference and makes the flavour nutty and sweet.  This bread can be used as a pizza base if you want to add some more toppings and cheese.

It is especially good served with a cheese platter and tastes great with sharp cheese and chutney.

Olive and Onion Flatbread½ cup olive oil

2 medium Spanish onions, finely sliced

1 garlic clove, finely sliced

1 teaspoon raw sugar or honey

½ cup warm milk or water

30 grams fresh yeast

3 cups of bakers flour

1 cup wholemeal flour

½ teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon caraway seeds, bruised in a mortar and pestle

1 ¾ cups warm water

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 tablespoon finely chopped rosemary or sage

2 cups black and green olives, pitted and sliced

Pre-heat oven to 210°C 

Olive and Onion Flatbread 

In a frying pan, heat olive oil and cook onions with garlic over a low heat until it is very soft.  Add herbs and remove from heat and allow to cool.

In a small bowl, combine milk (or water) and sugar and add yeast, leave in a warm spot until yeast is well activated.

In a large mixing bowl, combine flours, caraway seeds, salt. 
Add oil and yeast mixture and bring together into a firm dough,  knead gently for a few minutes.

Prepare a deep sided baking tray, lining with baking paper.

Stretch dough out without over kneading into desired shape  - I usually just press the dough into a single large baking tray.
Leave to rise for 20 minutes. 
When dough is all fluffy and has risen up the sides of the tray, press the olives down into the surface of the dough and pour the misture of  onion/garlic/oil over the top.

Sprinkle with a few herbs and for an added flourish a few pine nuts if desired.
Bake in a moderately hot oven for about 15-20 minutes or until golden and crispy at the edges.