Le Creuset

Le Creuset

As detailed in the Essential Investments list we use Le Creuset pretty much exclusively for both ceramic cookware and cast iron pots.

There is a sense of the artisan in Le Creuset products, there is history and there is weight – literally.  They have been making the now familiar cookware since 1925, (read the history here) and the history does seems to come through in the finished product.

For those less familiar with the brand, Le Creuset pots are heavy, robust cast iron affairs coated in a multi-compound ceramic coloured layer of vivid colour.  Until recently the colour scheme had stuck pretty close to the muted tones of the 1970s when every house seemed to have orange skillets and fondue pots.  A few years ago they took an immensely brave move and changed the traditional French Blue to a Graded Blue.  This was a major event for my family.  We have all spent decades building up vast collections of French Blue cookware, only to find our way forward blocked and the supply extinguished.

Le CreusetWe are now (almost) accustomed to the 'new' blue and have even purchased a number of pieces, some carried carefully on planes for hours on end just make it home to the kitchen.  The internet has provided a fertile breeding ground for purchasing from afar and retailers have been quick to stock the limited edition gift packs and new fashioned tones of Cassis, Kiwi and Coastal Blue for the eager buyers.

Le Creuset have succeeded where other cookware companies have failed primarily due to the exceptional quality of their products, the reliability of the range and the aesthetic advantage they have over their rivals.  The cookware designs are simple, unadorned and functional.  The cost of the pieces is fairly high, yet not excessive and value for money is assured with the extensive guarantee.  One of the great disadvantages is the cost of postage if ordering from overseas (perhaps why the company does not sell direct to the public) yet this has somehow added to the exclusivity of the brand.

Recent additions to the Le Creuset collection, including a greatly expanded range of ceramic cookware and presentation ware as well as utensils, accessories and trivets has seen a resurgence in the brand and an association of the brand with fashion, quality and innovation.