- First Anniversary  -  First Anniversary

It is with great pride and a little bewilderment that I celebrate the first anniversary of  My series of very occasional writings on all things food could use a boost and it seems only fair to reflect a little...     

Retro Prawn CocktailThe year has gone by so quickly it is hard to remember it beginning – and so much has changed!  Firstly I would like to thank all the lovely folks who encouraged me to set this site up and helped me get it underway.  Cheers too, to all the  fabulous foodies who have responded to my little site with encouragement, recipes and suggestions; it is greatly appreciated and has made putting the site together all the more enjoyable. I can honestly say I have loved every minute of it... though keeping up with all the photos is a bit tricky...  I am trying! 

The first year of has been characterised by many hours of cooking, lots of taking photos of food (complete with occasional teasing and giggles, family and friends now automatically build in ‘photo-shoot time’ into mealtimes) and lots of talking about food.   

Elderflower TrifleWorking on the Bug has also cemented the role food takes in my life - beyond sustenance, beyond occasional indulgence or fanciful nostalgia - working on this site has reaffirmed my view that sharing life experiences through food, finding time to be together, share and talk over a pleasant meal is really what life is all about.  

In the last twelve months I have had the opportunity to cook for friends, family, colleagues, strangers and myself, making everything from breads, Retro Prawn Cocktails to Cherry Clafoutis, Schnitzels, Pavlovas, Plum Jam and Pancakes, from Slow Roasted Lamb (many times), to Chocolate Mousse Cake and super salads... thank you all for sharing with me. 

Alongside my cooking has been a wonderful conversations with wonderful people, effusive and genuine, we have ruminated on the wonders of broccoli or the treasured interior of pomegranates, the musky delights of Cheese and Walnut Stout Bread and the simple pleasure of Tuna Patties.  Being afforded this opportunity has been a revelation.  Cooking Books

My cooking adventures I have also led me to discover just how many cookery books there are in the world and just how much I love them!!  Thank you to everyone who helped build my little library...Scouring op-shops and markets for anything old and interesting has uncovered some absolute crackers and I have steadily increased my collection of tatty books, so much so that I now have a room pretty much just for them. 

Reading cookery books like novels has inspired me to try many new flavours as well as testing old recipes from a bygone era with modern ingredients and techniques.  Many of these will be added to the site over the coming months.

Coffee Absinthe Vanilla LiqueurI hope the site has offered up a few recipes that people will enjoy many times, a few surprises and few re-thinks on old fashioned fare and forgotten favourites.  

So here’s cheers to entree – I am looking forward to main course.