Elderflower Trifle


Elderflower Trifle

Elderflower Trifle

Where would the world of comfort food be without Trifle!!  When I had my wisdom teeth out many years ago the only thing I ate for days was Trifle.  My excuse was it provided that much needed mix of comforrt, calories and nutrition – well there was fruit in it...
This recipe uses a plain sponge cake drizzled with liqueur, however if you prefer the Victorian era Trifle with Jam Roll Victoria Sponge, please use that.  Trifles really are a matter of personal taste, and you can make them as elaborate or as pared back as you wish.  There are many variations I love to prepare, this is my current favourite... 

Elderflower Jelly for the Trifle

1 plain sponge cake (homemade or purchased, whichever you prefer)
Elderflower Trifle1 quantity of Elderflower Jelly (pictured above with berries)
100 grams boysenberries
50 grams raspberries
50 grams blueberries
50 grams red currants
1 quantity custard
½ cup St. Germain Elderflower liqueur
½ cup Galliano Vanilla liqueur
200mls double cream, whipped

Cut the sponge cake into small pieces and add to the base of a large glass bowl.  Sprinkle with liqueur and add a layer of berries.
Add mouthful sized spoons of jelly, pressing it to the outside of the bowl so that it looks like a stained glass window.
Next add a layer of custard, then another layer of sponge cake sprinkled with liqueur.  Continue the layers until your bowl is full.  

Finish the trifle with a layer of cream topped with fresh berries.
Allow to chill overnight before serving to allow the flavours to develop. 


A very simple yet delicious trifle is White Peach and Vanilla Trifle:  Make a simple vanilla jelly, using plain gelatine, vanilla beans and lemonade.  Poach white peaches in Galliano vanilla-infused syrup.  This looks very pale and pretty and is a gorgeous elegant dish when made in individual serves in glasses or glass bowls.

For true decadence – Choc-Cherry Trifle: using a cherry jelly, chocolate sponge and chocolate custard, topped with toasted flaked almonds and drizzles of dark chocolate.  Best when made into individual serves.

Valentines Trifle – Raspberries, strawberries, Port wine jelly, and  rich custard infused with brandy.