Elderflower Jelly

Elderflower Jelly

I am utterly in love with all things Elderflower.  This jelly uses both St Germain liqueur (lovely Elderflower liqueur) as well as Elderflower cordial.  Elderflower cordial can now be found in supermarkets everywhere, the liqueur is also gaining popularity not least because it is simply divine with sparkling wine.   The result is a light, elegant jelly with a sweet exotic flavour that goes tremendously well with berries.  I use this jelly in my Trifle recipe, and it really does add an extra layer of flavour.Elderflower jelly

100mls Elderflower cordial

100mls St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur

200mls boiling water

Gelatine sheets – or  the 'flavour at home' jelly variety - follow the directions on the packet as they are all different

1 vanilla bean, seeds scraped out

In a large glass bowl or mixing jug dissolve the gelatine in hot water until fully emulsified in the water.  Add the vanilla bean seeds and mix through evenly.  Stir continuously until the jelly starts to cool slightly.

To make a layered jelly, make the jelly in two parts, one with additional berries or flavours to differentiate the colour and layer.  Allow the first layer to set before adding a second layer.

Jelly keeps well for a few days and can be made in advance.

Note: Do not add acidic fruits such as kiwi or pineapple to jelly or it will not set.  If you are desperate for a pineapple jelly (just o be contrary – and I know, I have tried) it is possible to use commercial pineapple flavouring or an intense pineapple liqueur such as Marie Brizard Ananas Liqueur.   The results are amusing if nothing else!