Chef Inox Utensils

Chef Inox Utensils

I understand if you are looking at this and thinking, really?  Allow me to explain.

When renovating our kitchen we had the marvellous opportunity to renew and coordinate our cookware and achieve that state of veritable nirvana where everything matches, works and has a place.  We spent many hours wandering up and down in kitchen warehouses looking at dozens of different utensils and cookware and made a number of discoveries.  Chiefly among these discoveries was that the most expensive are not necessarily the best. Durability is key.  Take the humble citrus zester.  Functional, plain, not entirely exciting, and yet a fair amount of force is required to obtain those beautiful little threads of zest to sprinkle on your cakes and pasta.  Exerting the requisite pressure on some zesters resulted in catastrophic failure and a bending of the utensil almost in half – useless!

Then there was the issue of feel.  Utensils, by their very nature, have to be held in the hand and used.  A number of companies appear to have overlooked this fact and have failed to comprehend that a hard edged, pointy, sharp, scratchy tool can do severe damage to your hands over repeated use.

Aesthetics are a personal consideration, however in a relatively modern stainless steel kitchen it can be assumed a set of sleek stainless steel utensils will enhance the ambiance and generally improve the overall look of the kitchen.

Last but unavoidably is price.  When embarking on a new kitchen or replacing older utensils there is undoubtedly finite resources available, therefore the acquisition of said items needs to be restrained if buying in any sort of volume.

And so it comes to Chef Inox.  Meeting the above criteria and then some, these sharp, decorative and functional little items gleam in the kitchen prettily and have provided continuous and on occasion laborious service without fault.  For well over a year of intensive use there has been not so much as a bend from peelers through to egg slices.