Amaretto Bombe


Amaretto Bombe


Another easy Christmas classic.   It is a bit of a cheat, but it is light and delicious and makes a great table-topper at the end of a big Christmas dinner.


200 grams of commercial macaroon biscuits


½ cup Amaretto liqueur


½ cup roasted flaked almonds


500mls very good vanilla ice-cream (homemade or bought)


150 grams raspberries (or other berry if preferred)


½ cup toast shredded coconut


Soak the raspberries in half the Amaretto


Crush up your macaroons and add the remaining Amaretto, and half the toasted almonds and half the toasted shredded coconut -  squishing it all together into a thick paste.

Butter a pudding bowl or round pudding mould and add ⅔ of the ice-cream to line the sides.  Add the macaroon mixture and half the berries to the middle and seal over with remaining ice-cream.

Freeze the mould overnight, or until ready to serve.  To remove bombe from the mould, leave bombe at room temperature for a few minutes before turning out.  Alternatively if using a metal ball mould use a kitchen torch to heat the outside of the mould to remove.

To serve, place bombe on a cake stand or plate, drizzle over the reserved berries and sprinkle on the reserved almonds and coconut.  Serve with strong espresso coffee and Amaretto liqueur.