Vanilla Absinthe Macchiato

Vanilla Absinthe Macchiato


Vanilla Absinthe Macchiato

My favourite coffee is a long macchiato – strong, long and with a rich créma on top.  This is a slightly cheeky nod to that beverage in honour of the first anniversary of

A rather boozy affair, this is my pure indulgence utilising  three of my favourite liqueurs (no elderflower here though!) :

Mad Cat Coffee Absinthe  - very strong, rich espresso flavour. Mad Cat can be a little hard to track down, if you like coffee and absinthe it is worth seeking out.  If you do see it, buy yourself and two friends a bottle, then you'll be set for the foreseeable future. Frangelico – sweet, delightful hazelnut liqueur, and the wondrous Cuarenta Y Tres, or  43 – Vanilla liqueur from Spain.   The mice were wrong by one...

Mad Cat Coffee Absinthe

2 shots Mad Cat Coffee Absinthe
1 shot 43 Vanilla Liqueur
1 shot Frangelico Hazelnut liqueur
1 teaspoon double cream 
Light grating of nutmeg or cinnamon

If at all possible, chill your glass before pouring. 

In a small liqueur glass, add the 43 Vanilla Liqueur.
Add the Frangelico, pouring it carefully down the edge of the glass. 
Then add the Mad Cat Absinthe to the top, again pouring very carefully down the edge of the glass. 

Top with a teaspoon of double cream (or if you prefer icecream) and a final flourish of nutmeg.