The Australian and New Zealand Complete Book of Cookery

by Anne E. Marshall

Published in 1970 it was a common wedding present around the time my parents were married.  Given that our family was not in any way religious, this was the closest we ever came to having a bible.  This book means the world to me.  I now have my Mum's original copy, as well as a copy I picked up in an op shop so the original can be preserved (that's the librarian in me coming out) I have also tracked down additional copies for friends.   Many of the recipes in this book form significant elements of my childhood memories as well as some of my earliest experiences following a recipe, learning new cooking techniques and attempting something outrageously adventurous, like my first Croquembouche I made with my Mum when I was a little girl (note – we did not use a mould, the entire structure was pastry!).  The book is large, heavy, wordy and the cover is s deep inviting red, everything I love.  Find yourself a copy and enjoy the opulence of the recipes and the thorough advice for the family cook provided.