Supercook's Cookbook

There is part of me which simply loves the kitschness of this volume and the very idea that we are all Supercooks.  Published in 1978  by Marshall Cavandish, London & New York the illustrations can be somewhat challenging and there is a noticeable fondness for deep frying, breadcrumbing and covering everything with mashed potato....  all things I enjoy.  Principally a cookery book for busy mums, there is also a section entitled "Feeding Husbands" with the vital tip "Remember that your husband is just as likely to develop a weight problem as you are."

There are a number of good solid mid-week recipes in this book which many of us simply forget to cook.  I refer to this book for inspiration as there are many excellent recipes such as the recipe for Orange Chicken with Rosemary  as well as the odd chuckle-worthy creation which though I have not cooked I am strangely drawn to - such as Veal and Tongue Pies

This is a well written volume with plenty of hearty meals and a good reference section.  For me though the true love of this book can only be expressed through the Pousse Cafe Gateau.  This recipe, which uses five different coloured/flavoured liqueurs  (red - Cherry Brandy, green - Chartreuse, purple - Parfait Armour, orange - Cointreau, yellow - Brandy) mixed into brightly coloured icing to create a 'rainbow cake' is perhaps the most kitsch recipe ever invented, and for that I am eternally grateful.