Strawberry Fool Cocktail

Strawberry Fool Cocktail

More gentle cocktail, much suited to a Spring barbeque or a relaxed Summer lunch.


200 grams strawberries, hulled and sliced

1 bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine

200mls Berry Vodka or Strawberry liqueur

1 bottle of lemonade

Juice of a lemon


Combine all ingredients in a tall carafe, stir gently and serve in Champagne flutes with slices of strawberries.





Berry Orange Fool  - For a less sweet version of this cocktail, add a little Cointreau or replace the Berry Vodka with straight Vodka.

Orange Fool -  Use the flesh and juice of 3 oranges rather than the strawberries and use Citrus, Vanilla Vodka or straight Vodka.

Lime Fool – Use limes in place of the berries and use Vanilla Vodka.  More refreshing, Summer cocktail.