Rose and Elderflower Cocktail

Rose and Elderflower Cocktail

Rose and Elderflower Cocktail

With a little bit of planning ahead this cocktail can grace your next soiree and bring a little sparkle to your glass.  By making the base flavour in ice blocks it makes a subtle and lasting flavour. 

Rose and Elderflower CocktailYou will need a freezer-proof ice try of some description... I have used a rose-shaped muffin tray, because they make beautiful big roses... so don't feel constrained!

100ml elderflower cordial
1 tablespoon rose water
200mls soda water
100 grams raspberries
Edible glitter

To serve :
Extra soda water
Extra Vodka: raspberry, vanilla, plain or even elderflower vodka works a treat.
A few mint leaves

Place your ice tray into a plastic container with a lid (for ease of storage).  In your ice tray – rose shaped or otherwise – sprinkle a little glitter.
Add a single raspberry to each ice block. 

Mix together the elderflower cordial, rose water, soda water and a couple of shots of vodka.   By adding a little vodka to the ice blocks the cocktail 'blocks' do not set completely solidly and melt more easily into your glass. 

Pour the mixture carefully into the ice tray and freeze for a few hours.

Rose and Elderflower CocktailWhen the cocktail block is frozen remove from the freezer.

To a tall glass, add a few raspberries and a shot or two of vodka. 

Add your ice block then cover with soda water.  Finish with a mint leaf and serve!