Home Pickling

by Henry Sarson

Published in 1940 this is an original source for many almost lost pickling recipes.  Of course there is no hard and fast rule about flavours, however there are some basic principles that apply to pickling and this book covers them in some detail.  Sarson was head of the Sarson Vinegar dynasty (if you can have a vinegar dynasty) the company forming in 1794, and the family therefore had a vested interest in reviving pickling.  There are excellent source recipes in this little volume and I adore the thrifty, war-time commentary and genuinely like the slightly patronising advice offered to housewives such as for when pickling goes wrong;  "...but the modern, rather harassed wife who tries to make pickles in a small suburban kitchen, only to have them go wrong, is not likely to waste time and money on a second attempt."  I am that woman, and I tell you, I do make second, even third attempts. It's a super little book, if you see it in a market or a book shop, pick it up.