Brain Boggler

Brain Boggler

Now, I know some people will see that name and wonder what on earth I am suggesting here....   

Needless to say, this is a rather potent, and delicious, refreshing cocktail best reserved for those days of the year such as New Years Eve, when a little tipple does not go astray.  Again, these are party quantities to share....divide the mix into carafes and store in the fridge until needed.


Vanilla Vodka250mls Brandy or Kirsch

250mls Rum

100mls Vanilla Vodka

100mls Cointreau

600mls Champagne or sweet carbonated cider (or lemonade if you want to temper the alcohol)

400 - 800mls Sparkling mineral water (or lemonade) to taste

4 tablespoons of sugar dissolved in the juice of 3 lemons or oranges

Long strands of lemon or orange peel

Few drops of orange blossom water

1 segmented orange – frozen

1 segmented lemon – frozen

Crushed ice


In saucepan, add the sugar dissolved in the citrus juice and the peel.  Press the peel down into the syrup and warm just enough to release the oils from the citrus and make the syrup fragrant.

Allow the syrup to cool, then add to a large mixing bowl to make the cocktail. 


To the syrup, add firstly the Cointreau, mixing it in well.  To this add the orange blossom water, Brandy, Rum, Vodka and Champagne.  Taste, if too strong add lemonade rather than mineral water if preferred.

Once all ingredients are well combined, chill for at least an hour.


Just before serving, add the frozen citrus segments and strands of peel as well as plenty of crushed ice.

Serve in a long glass with plenty of ice.