Béarnaise Sauce

Béarnaise Sauce

Like it's cousin Hollandaise Sauce, Béarnaise is a little bit of luxury we should all afford ourselves from time to time.

½ cup white wine vinegar

1 large onion, very finely diced


1 bayleaf

¼ teaspoon finely chopped tarragon

4 egg yolks

250 grams butter, melted

Salt and pepper to taste

Over a high heat, boil vinegar, onions, herbs and spices until the liquid halves in quantity.  Strain out the solids from the liquid.  Put egg yolks into a double boiler and combine with the vinegar mix, whisking very vigorously.  Slowly add the melted butter to the vinegar mix, continuing to whisk well.  Check for seasoning and service immediately with beef, fish, chicken or just crusty bread and steamed asparagus.

Note – never reheat Béarnaise sauce in the microwave....